image7Bentley was taken in to GLGRR at the age of 9 months. His family surrendered him as they were unable to handle his severe food aggression. This behavior frightened their young children and we believe that Bentley was often times kept in an area away from his human family.

We did not know all of Bentley’s issues, and there were many, when we adopted him and after about 6 weeks we hired a trainer to help us. That was the best thing we could have done for Bentley and for us. Although we were never able to “fix” the food aggression problem, we manage it and we were given the “tools” to handle his other issues.

He is not like our other goldens in that he is rarely in the same room with us, he does not bring you treasures when you come in the door and he does not know how to retrieve. We think he had a pretty lonely first 9 months.

But this little blonde boy is full of energy, loves it when we have visitors (and everyone that comes in the door is here to see him he believes), can’t wait to go on his morning walk (although getting skunked this week wasn’t in his plans or ours), comes out of his skin when he knows he is going for a car ride and ALWAYS has to get the last bark in.

Thank you GLGRR for the great work that you do… Bentley is in a forever home with people that love him. – Matthew & Lori Rivette