bud-3I wanted to share Bud’s happy ending story, though I do hope there is more to come.  I adopted Bud from GLGRR on June 19, 2010, so I decided to give him June 19 for his birthday.  I was told he was 8 years old when I adopted him.  Now, 6 years later, Bud is definitely an old man at 14! I’ve never had a Golden that old, so it has been a learning experience.  So far he is healthy for his age, and more importantly, no signs of cancer.

Within six months of the adoption, Bud passed his Canine Good Citizen test and became certified as a therapy dog.  We were able to do weekly visits to a local hospital until a couple months ago when I retired Bud.  It was difficult for both Bud, and I, to do all that walking.

I try my best to keep Bud living the good life.  We may make a lot of visits to the vet, but I’m making sure any changes I see are nothing more than age related.  I’ve attached a photo of 8 year old Bud when I adopted him in 2010, a picture of him taken on 6-19-16, his 14th birthday, and one taken a week ago with Santa and Bud’s new sister (adopted this past May).  Hopefully, there will be a Santa picture in his future next year!  He was adorable back then, but I do love his sugar face now.

I think Bud definitely has a happy ending story.  I know I do!! -Marilyn King