Holistic Vetting

Great Lakes has been looking into and working with holistic/homeopathic remedies for our Goldens. We work with traditional medicine vets and a holistic vet to reach the desired results. We have also started using essential oils with some of our Goldens. Great Lakes has had some successful stories while working with natural and homeopathic supplements. Homeopathic and holistic vetting focuses on using natural remedies and supplements to keep your dog healthy physically and emotionally. We have natural remedies for fleas and ticks, information about how essential oils can help your Golden, and some great success stories.

Homeopathic/Holistic Vet:
Dr. Char Wilson


Great Lakes intakes Goldens that have behavioral or emotional issues that need to be addressed by a trainer to resolve. Our organization believes that you will get the best result from a Golden when working with a positive training style. We have worked with WHATADOG training for many years now. Christine (WHATADOG trainer) has personally fostered and worked with rescued animals and understands the issues that they can have. Christine has a very positive style of training and works on building your pets confidence. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and we have been lucky to have some of our rescue Goldens and fosters work with her personally.

Christine Mahaney
Dog Trainer and Studio Set Trainer